Through the generosity of our donors and sponsors, Love 2 Yêu has projects that cover a diversity of needs for orphaned, impoverished and at-risk youth in the U.S. and Vietnam.  Below are some of those key current projects.

Ben Tre Orphanage | [click here to donate]


Here the majority of orphans were abandoned as infants or toddlers. Some have been in the care of Ben Tre for the last nine years.  The current age range is between one year to 13 years old. Their greatest need of support is in education, basic healthcare, food, and clothing. 

Bong Hue Orphanage | [click here to donate]

Most of the orphans here were abandoned as infants or toddlers, since many of the local families tragically do not have the means to care for their children. The Bong Hue Orphanage provides these children food, education, shelter, and family, when they would otherwise have none. The children's ages range between newborn and 8 years old. They learn English every Saturday morning to supplement the education they receive during the week.


All of these children began their lives in homelessness and extreme poverty. However, through Love 2 Yêu donors and sponsors their lives have been transformed. They now have the chance to learn English alongside their standard education, which will allow them to look for higher-paying jobs and opportunities once they finish schooling. 

Cam Ly House | [click here to donate]

There are 70 disadvantaged children, aged 5 to 18 at the Cam Ly House, which is run by nuns.  Many of their parents are illiterate farmers living in the rural mountainous region of southern Vietnam. The children reside with the nuns at the Cam Ly House, where they have the opportunity to attend school.  Staying there also enables them to have a safe home and daily meals, since their families can only afford to live day-to-day. However, the children are still very much connected to their families, including saying prayers for their parents when it rains, because the rain often leaks into their parents' homes, which are primarily made out of straw and aluminum.


The children are taught English twice a week.

Duc Ba Notre Dame School | [click here to donate]

The Duc Ba Notre Dame School teaches 100 impoverished students free of charge. Their parents are migrant workers who earn less than $3 a day. But they are overcoming the odds with the help of the school, including a teacher who ram travels three hours a day to teach five classes that cover kindergarten through fifth grade. 

Hoa Hong Street Children's Program | [click here to donate]

Twenty years ago, Sister Thao was visiting her parents' graves at the local cemetery, when she noticed a group of disheveled, homeless children literally living on the property. She learned that during the day, the children scrounged for food and begged for change. At night, they protected themselves with handmade weapons and knives from the threat of beatings, muggings, and rape. As a teacher at a nearby Catholic school, Sister Thao was granted permission from her supervisor to care for the children from 5 am to 7 pm at the school, when the school closes.


Today, Sister Thao currently raises orphans, and her Hoa Hong Street Children's Program helps 80 additional students, giving them a safe haven, an evening meal, and now, an opportunity to learn English and life skills. Miss Tram teaches English to the children, which will allow them to pursue safer and more financially reliable job opportunities.

Nhu Nghia School & Home for Blind Children |  [click here to donate]

The Nhu Nghia School & Home houses 90 blind children, who are learning independent life skills and reading with Braille. They are also learning English through an interactive online program that enables them to speak English after listening to computer instructions.  The Love 2 Yêu team visited these students, who are quite clever and fiercely self-reliant, participating in every minute of class. In fact, they insisted that they did not need help completing any of their daily chores around the schoolyard, when help was offered. Many of these children come from impoverished families without the means either to care for them during the day or provide a special-needs education without this program. Therefore, the Nhu Nghia School is a dream come true for them.


Annual Giving Season | Tết   Lì Xì Fundraising Campaign | Project Need: Funds to support projects [click here to donate]

Love 2 Yêu launched its 2nd Annual "Giving Season" | Tết   Lì Xì Fundraising Campaign.  Round 1 of the campaign was from Thanksgiving through February 29, 2020 (for more information on the campaign click here).  In Round 2, the campaign is still accepting donations and sponsorships to underwrite the following:


1). $50,000 | English and Literacy Program—Our goal is to give each child a new possibility for a new future and reshape their communities. This program allows us to provide free education to our orphans, disadvantaged children in illiterate communities throughout Vietnam.  When we first started, we were able to care for 12 kids in Ben Tre Orphanage (see below, along with our other project programs), but with your donations over the years we have been able help close to 500 kids!  Please note that $50K will annually support $100 per child!

2). $150,000 | Building a School in Vung Tau Program—We are seeking donors and sponsors for this much needed and worthy endeavor.  Please contact us for further information and details.  Otherwise, please feel free to donate directly here.

Please click on the link in the right-hand corner above to donate funds or click here to contact us on donating or sponsoring specific items, as well as sponsorship packages.


In addition to our own projects, the “Love” in our name represents the support we provide to youth & educational programs in the U.S., such as the Faith in Christ Ministries Youth Development program (above) in Los Angeles and the non-profit AASuccess in Virginia.


The “2” in our name illustrates the connection between the U.S. and Vietnam.


The “Yêu” (pronounced "ewwl") in our name means “Love” in Vietnamese, and reflects our support of youth & educational programs in Vietnam, including the charity, Abandoned Little Angels.

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