The events that Love 2 Yêu organizes include fundraisers such as the Love 2 Yêu Family Fun Day Carnival, as well as goodwill trips to Vietnam.  Love 2 Yêu has also partnered with other organizations—such as Abandoned Little Angels, Faith in Christ Ministries and AASuccess—on select events. Some of those events are featured below.

Goodwill Trips

Love 2 Yêu periodically takes goodwill trips to Vietnam to not only see firsthand how projects are benefiting from current donations and sponsorships, but to also assess if there are any other needs that must be met. This enables us to preemptively assist before situations become dire. In addition, the trips allow an opportunity to immerse into Vietnamese culture.  To see some images from trips to date, please go to the Photo Gallery or click here.

(Photo: Love 2 Yêu Co-Founder, Jo Fogel with a student at one of the Vietnamese projects)

Family Fun Day Carnival Fundraiser 2017

Created in 2016, Love 2 Yêu's Family Fun Day raises money for our projects with hundreds of guests from a variety of different communities for a day full of fun, music, food, games, activities, and most importantly, for a good cause. In 2017, it was held on Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, VA, with a Halloween theme. In addition, we partnered with AASuccess, a non-profit in Falls Church, VA to host the event. To see images from the event, please go to the Photo Gallery or click here.

(Image: Official 2017 Love 2 Yêu Family Fun Day flyer)

Family Fun Day Carnival Fundraiser 2016

The inaugural Love 2 Yêu's Family Fun Day was held in May 2016 outdoors at a private location in the famed Brentwood area of Los Angeles. As with the 2017 event, guests were diverse in age, background, etc., but all there for a good cause and a good time.   For the 2016 Family Fun Day Carnival, we partnered with the Los Angeles-based Faith in Christ iMinistries that services the working ppor and homeless.To see images from the event, please go to the Photo Gallery or click here.

(Image: Young attendees playing one of the several games at the first Love 2 Yêu Family Fun Day Carnival.)


In addition to our own projects, the “Love” in our name represents the support we provide to youth & educational programs in the U.S., such as the Faith in Christ Ministries Youth Development program (above) in Los Angeles and the non-profit AASuccess in Virginia.


The “2” in our name illustrates the connection between the U.S. and Vietnam.


The “Yêu” (pronounced "ewwl") in our name means “Love” in Vietnamese, and reflects our support of youth & educational programs in Vietnam, including the charity, Abandoned Little Angels.

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