Love 2 Yêu is grateful for any support you are able to provide our projects and fundraising campaigns, and there are several opportunities. You may donate directly to Love 2 Yêu, please click here. In addition to our direct donation process through PayPal's Giving Fund, you may also help generate funds to us when you purchase items from Amazon via Amazon's AmazonSmile project.  Otherwise, please contact us for additional donor or sponsor opportunities by clicking here. Below is the wishlist for our Annual Fundraising Campaign.  Our 501(c)(3) Federal Tax ID # is:  81-3299203. (Photo: One of the Love 2 Yêu project schools)


Annual Fundraising Campaign Wishlist

1). $50,000 | English and Literacy Program—Our goal is to give each child a new possibility for a new future and reshape their communities. This program allows us to provide free education to our orphans, disadvantaged children in illiterate communities throughout Vietnam.  Please note that $50K will annually support $100 per child!

2). $150,000 | Building a School in Vung Tau Program—We are seeking donors and sponsors for this much needed and worthy endeavor.  Please contact us for further information and details.  Otherwise, please feel free to donate directly here.

(To see our project orphanages & schools, please click here)




In addition to our own projects, the “Love” in our name represents the support we provide to youth & educational programs in the U.S., such as the Faith in Christ Ministries Youth Development program (above) in Los Angeles and the non-profit AASuccess in Virginia.


The “2” in our name illustrates the connection between the U.S. and Vietnam.


The “Yêu” (pronounced "ewwl") in our name means “Love” in Vietnamese, and reflects our support of youth & educational programs in Vietnam, including the charity, Abandoned Little Angels.

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