Love 2 Yêu & Nailing It for Healthcare has challenged cities across the nation to serve 1975 Meals To Heal from O.C. to NYC, from sea to shining sea, because this land is made for you and me... 


All across the nation, American refugees, immigrants and their families are coming together to serve our fellow American heroes and heroines.


Help us reach our goal by gifting 2 Meals to Heal created by Heirloom LA and with delivey by Faith in Christ Ministries’ volunteers to service our front line service workers at local hospitals, police department, fire department, as well as those most vulnerable, including: veterans, emergency shelters, seniors, homeless shelters, the critically unemployed, food insecure children…and the list goes on.  


For every $19.75 donated, you are feeding 2 people. Let's nail it together and feed 1975 heroes and those most vulnerable in Los Angeles!


1n fact, “1975 marks a memorable year for Vietnamese Refugees, which is how this movement kicked off by the Vietnamese Americans in the Nail Salon Industry. When the stay-at-home order and social distancing took place, it closed the doors of their businesses which hit them very hard like many industries out there. But a new door opened, they took this opportunity to serve their communities by packing all their masks and gloves and delivering them to local hospitals. Restaurateurs started to join the movement with them. Parents also worked with their children to write Thank You cards to their everyday heroes. And here we are. 


What better way to honor those that fought for our freedom than to support the local restaurants to feed these men and women today, and to express our deepest gratitude by saying Thank You to those who are fighting everyday for our health and very lives.  While we know you, too, might be going through a financial hardship, we are asking for a little extra sacrifice, for the very difficult sacrifice by these wonderful men and women, who are working everyday to care for us and our loved ones. We love America and we want to continue to make it beautiful.


We thank all our heroes from the bottom of our hearts and thank America for making this nation our home.

M E A L S  T O  H E A L  C I T I E S


For questions or if you have PPE, RVs and supplies to donate

please contact:  Jo Fogel at (424) 272-6867 or via email.  EIN: 81-3229203

Below are the participating cities for the1975 Meals to Heal Initiative, please click on one or more of the cities for details on how you to donate meals to local frontline service workers and those most vulnerable during this time:


hosted by Nailing It & Love 2 Yêu

with meals created by Heirloom LA &

delivered by Faith in Christ Ministries

Orange County

hosted by Nailing It, Orange County United Way, Beeyond Capital & Love 2 Yêu with meals by The Recess Room, Seven Leaves, Tay Ho, Saigon City & 20 other O.C. restaurateurs


hosted by an anonymous donor family with meals created by a collaboration of restaurateurs in Houston.


Dallas | Fort Worth

hosted by Hand in Hand Missions, VYCA of Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church & St. Thomas Teens of St. Joseph's Church with meals created by The Orch, The Halal Guys & Sprout's Springroll & Pho (Mansfield)


Queens (NYC)

hosted Kevin Huynh & Jacqueline Ly

with meals created by Quantum Leap 


hosted Diane Giesta Aiguier

with meals created by Greenleaf Restaurant


$19.75 | 2 meals

$197.50 | 20 meals


M E A L S   T O   H E A L   C I T I E S   P A R T N E R S  &  S P O N S O R S

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$1,9750.00 | 100 meals

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In addition to our own projects, the “Love” in our name represents the support we provide to youth & educational programs in the U.S., such as the Faith in Christ Ministries Youth Development program (above) in Los Angeles and the non-profit AASuccess in Virginia.


The “2” in our name illustrates the connection between the U.S. and Vietnam.


The “Yêu” (pronounced "ewwl") in our name means “Love” in Vietnamese, and reflects our support of youth & educational programs in Vietnam, including the charity, Abandoned Little Angels.

Phone:  (424) 272-6867

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