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Love 2 Yêu is happy to announce that we are part of Amazon's AmazonSmile project. AmazonSmile allows you to purchase an item or more anytime you buy through Amazon, and Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Love 2 Yêu There are three ways to access AmazonSmile: 1) click here to go directly to the Love 2 Yêu-Amazon Smile donation/shop page; 2). choose the AmazonSmile prompter when you do your regular sign-in, then select Love 2 Yêu as your charity; or 3). go to, then select Love 2 Yêu as your charity. Below are the two steps to follow when you use our our direct link to AmazonSmile.

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Once you click on the direct link to the Love 2 Yêu-AmazonSmile donation/shop sign-in page, if you already have an Amazon account, you simply sign-in. If you do not have an Amazon account you only need to click on "Create your Amazon account" button at the bottom on the same sign-in page.

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The next page includes the Love 2 Yêu "Start shopping" button you will click on to shop for items that will generate the .05% donation from the proceeds.  You may use AmazonSmile everytime you shop to benefit . Thank you!


In addition to our own projects, the “Love” in our name represents the support we provide to youth & educational programs in the U.S., such as the Faith in Christ Ministries Youth Development program (above) in Los Angeles and the non-profit AASuccess in Virginia.


The “2” in our name illustrates the connection between the U.S. and Vietnam.


The “Yêu” (pronounced "ewwl") in our name means “Love” in Vietnamese, and reflects our support of youth & educational programs in Vietnam, including the charity, Abandoned Little Angels.

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